Association of Noble Families of Russian Empire

Trying to separate history from politics, genealogy from fantasy, heraldry from design: these are the reasons that prompted us to convene the Association of Noble Families of the Russian Empire. We are the families, for whom nobility is not a slogan, but a physical — social, economic, cultural, communicative and, above all spiritual reality and necessity.

The nobility is born of dialogue and sustained in a conversation — of generations, epochs and styles. Creating a modern communication environment, therefore, is vital for the continuation of revival of nobility as a transmitter of knowledge, skills and experience: the Association intends to hold regular online meetings and discussions, constantly expanding the circle of these invited, involving the all generation of descendants of the families that once blossomed of the Russian nobility.

The Association is a space of mutual understanding, mutual assistance and cooperation, based on the community of culture, origin, interests and cause. Maintaining and developing a network of personal contacts in Russia and beyond is a priority task. The nobility is inconceivable without cohesion and close family and business solidarity.

It is also not possible without caring for those who are abandoned, forgotten, lost. Charity has always been a distinctive feature of our society, nurtured in the spirit of evangelical charity. One of the most important missions of the Association is to pass on to future generations a sense of responsibility for the well-being of those near and far, and to take care of those who have fallen into poverty, refugees and pilgrims, and those who are homeless, ill, in captivity or in limbo.

The Association shall actively develop educational and research projects involving leading Russian and European genealogists, specialists in archives and librarianship, lawyers, heraldists, historians, art historians, managers with experience in managing business and charitable projects. Monasteries, colleges and universities — for centuries one of the main concerns of the aristocracy has been the education of well-rounded people capable of realising their responsibility for the fate of the Motherland and honourably fulfilling their duty of service to the State and love for the Fatherland.

Following the precepts of our ancestors, among whom are many wanderers who found fortune and homeland in Russia, we are a community of people who above all value personal civil and creative freedom. Devoted to Russia without flattery, we stand guard over the honour of the nobility in its hour of need! To pass it on to descendants — that is the task, the solution of which is a heavy burden for all of us. To pass it on, avoiding compromise with conscience and truth.

Alexander von Hahn — November 2021, Schloss Weissenburg, Germany